Which Political Party Do You Most Align With?

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Make a Difference in Your Community

Sign up today to volunteer for a political campaign! Put your passion to work and make a difference in your community and your country. We the American People can connect you with the candidate’s campaign of your choice or suggest candidates in need of volunteers. Volunteering can include meeting voters door-to-door, contacting voters via phone or text, attending and assisting with rallies, parades, and other events, posting up yard signs, handing out campaign information, and helping to register voters ahead of election day.

Find out what matters to you, find a candidate who stands for those values, and then sign up and give it your all. Our democracy depends on an educated and involved electorate. Making a difference begins with you!


Get Your Message Out to Your Constituents

Stand out from an overcrowded political playing field with a premium listing! Every candidate’s listing on We the American People contains a basic biography and a summary of their stances on primary issues. With a premium listing on We the American People, candidates can take control of their listing, adding an extended biography, detailed policy stances, proposed propositions, images, and videos. Candidates with premium listings can also moderate and respond to questions from voters and connect with our extensive pool of volunteers. Connect with your target demographic and get your message out to potential voters. All at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing methods!